Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Peddlers Mall?

Peddlers Mall stores are located throughout Kentucky, and well known within the Antique & Collectible community. We recently expanded to Ohio opening our first store in Lebanon, a northern suburb of Cincinnati. Peddlers Mall will open additional stores as we expand our footprint throughout the Ohio region in 2015.

Our store listing page has a map to each store, along with the address and phone number.

Are you open year-around?

Yes!  We are open 7 days a week, and only close for Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day. Please check our store listing page for specific store hours.

Who sells merchandise in Peddlers Mall?

Each store has hundreds of vendors who lease booth space for the purpose of displaying and selling their remarkable products. These vendors offer a unique shopping experience for our mutual customers.

What are your hours and number of booths in each store?

Please check out the store listing page for information regarding each of our locations, including store hours.

Can I become part of the Peddlers Mall vendor network?

Yes!  You can easily become part of the largest dealer mall in the region, with 18 locations and growing. For more information on becoming a vendor, please email Customer Service or visit one of our 18 stores.

What is the process of becoming a vendor?

You sign a basic contract with no long commitment. Unlike our competition, we offer a friendly month-to-month agreement. We only require you provide us a 7 day notice before you move out, to provide ample time for another vendor to occupy your spot.

For a typical booth space (8x10), the amount due is approximately $125 per month (rates slightly vary by location), plus a flat 6% commission fee. The fee covers our costs associated with credit card, check guarantee, and technology fees.

Each evening, the Point of Sale system emails each vendor a list of all items sold in their booth, including month to date and daily sale totals. This allows our vendors to know the items needed to restock and calculate their month end payout.

At the beginning of each month, vendors receive a check in the amount of their previous months sales, minus the 6% fee and current months rent. We want our vendors to be happy, so we work overtime at the end of the month to ensure our vendors receive their checks lightening fast, typically on the 2nd day of the month!   Easy, simple, and fast!

Don't take our word for it, ask one of our 3,700 vendors who depend on us to help sell their goods every day!

Do I need to be on-site or in my booth to sell my merchandise?

Absolutely not!  We employ a professional staff to record the sales of your merchandise. You only need to tag your items with a price, description, and booth tag number. The store staff records the sales using a sophisticated Point of sale system allowing customers to quickly check out, paying with check, credit card, or cash.

What Do Others Say About Peddlers Mall?

Not only do our vendors and customers love us, but media outlets have positively ran stories about our exciting concept. Here are a select few:

When and where was the last store opened?

We opened Owensboro Peddlers Mall in Fall 2015, located in Owensboro, KY.

Peddlers Mall Invites You to Become a Vendor.

Give it a try and sell your stuff and be an entrepreneur!

E-mail customer service for store availability options!